Empowering young women

The empowerment of young women has always been at the core of The Warren’s work with young people. With the support of Warren staff, young women in the project have consistently and successfully organised and mobilised to tackle and raise awareness of the factors that disempower young women whether it be domestic abuse, gender inequality, sexism and domestic violence to name but a few.

The Warren has empowered young women to find their voice and make it heard – especially by those in authority. Those women have marched through numerous cities, written poems, composed songs, erected banners, lobbied the establishment and equipped themselves through education and peer-to-peer support in order to effectively address injustices against women wherever they found them.

Sadly, due to funding cuts, we currently do not have a full-time dedicated Women’s Project worker – however, the women among our wider staff –team have collectively assumed responsibility for this role until such time that we can secure funding to employ a dedicated staff member to directly support young women to tackle those injustices and forge their own independent futures.

If you are interested in volunteering to support young women on any of the issues above then please contact Janet Leonard on 01482 218115 for an informal and confidential chat. Similarly if you are experiencing any of the above issues then please get in touch on the same number – or if you’d like to speak in confidence to our Counselling Team then please call 01482 221416 or email counselling@thewarren.org