Can-Do – a learning project

Can Do is The Warren’s fun informal learning project for young people aged 14 -25. We create learning activities that young people would like to do that help build confidence whilst making new friends. We run both accredited and unaccredited activities – for more information click here.

We encourage young people to build on something called ‘resilience’ (this means coping with stress and pressure) to be inspired to make the most of their potential and to see themselves as learners, no matter what they may have been made to feel like in their past.

We do things differently from school as young people are not asked to sit in a classroom or lecture theatre. They are asked to get involved and are asked what they want to do. We rate honest, fair feedback on the activities we provide for them.

The skills they learn go far beyond reading and writing, with a strong emphasis on group work. This supports everyone to be able to work collectively on things: whether that is coming up with a solution to solving a problem in a team challenge, or agreeing on the play list for a music project.

Planning with young people

At The Warren, staff support young people to plan and create exciting programmes of activities. These can include: photography, fashion, media, learning residentials, IT, wood-work, discussions and debates, singing, creative arts and DJing skills to name but a few. At the weekly parliament meeting ‘The Thing’ we present the activity budget and young people are encouraged to lead on the planning and delivery of activities.

We try to develop spontaneous activities as this helps to stop things from becoming boring! These include drop in activities in the cafe, quizzes and picnics in the park to keep things fun and fresh.

Download our latest Activities Programme HERE.