The Blank Page Report

Far too often, ‘reports’ are written in a style that is drier than a sand-storm in the Sahara – but the Warren’s Blank Page Report is different… very different.

If you can find the time to read the introductory page, then we think you’ll want to read it all. It will tell you everything you need to know our Young People, the problems they face and how we support and empower them to deal with those problems.

But if you only have time to read one page of this report, then we would recommend you skip ahead to the most important one - page 11 – you can’t miss it because it’s blank.

It isn’t a printing error, it isn’t a Turner Prize-style design trick – it’s blank for a reason. It’s the page that represents the young people who never had the opportunity to get the support they needed, who never got to have their fears recognised and their problems addressed, who never got a shot at realising their ambition. With funding becoming increasingly scarce, our overriding fear is that there will be more and more blank pages – and as an organization, a sector, a city and a society, we must ensure that never happens by securing the continued provision of a Youth Service.

In the meantime, we are going to climb back into the ring and fight until a famous victory is claimed – and we’d very much like to have all our funders, partners and supporters egging us on. You’ve helped us get this far – hopefully together we’ll go even further. Thank-you.

The Warren

The Blank page Report