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Here at The Warren, young people get endless fantastic opportunities to take part in a multitude of creative and fun learning activities - such as the ’24 HOUR CHALLENGE’ themed sleepover which is jam packed with team-building, art, music, problem solving and performance activities.

Our accredited courses are not pressure filled exams and tedious essays - they are bite-size small units that can be developed over time to bigger qualifications (Awards).

‘I had the attitude that grades or qualifications didn’t matter, now I believe that they do matter – because it helps you to get skills. I have achieved the full Award in Progression since coming here.’ (Young Man, aged 20).

Can Do accredited courses are nationally recognised through ‘Certa’ and are completed using us role plays and hands on practical experience with as little emphasis on writing as possible. With more than 170 different Certa courses and accreditations to choose from we have an incredible flexibility to offer young people courses that are wonderfully interesting and varied.

Unaccredited Activities

Many of the projects we deliver don’t have an accreditation. For example The Lost in Music Project is crammed full of workshops like creative writing, digital media and inventive sound making group work activities.

We are constantly looking at developing new projects like the Mini Banner Collective; a project that supports young people to work alongside artists to develop some innovative textile skills and create their own bespoke mini banner. Each banner will celebrate the young person creating it and will be joined together to create one large collective art piece celebrating the talents of many young people across the city.